60 years on, NASA is still answering our biggest questions

How long would it take to get to Mars? What does it take to ‘touch’ the sun? Why did the Russians try to invent a second moon?  We might have come a long way from ‘Where does the sun go at night?,’ but space still holds the answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Not […]


Want to convince someone you’re not a robot? Use the word ‘poop’

  We’ve all heard of the Turing Test, designed in 1950 by Alan Turing in a test of a machine’s ability to mimic human behavior.   But researchers at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania tried to do something a little different. They tried to create a Minimal Turing Test. Well sort of.   They […]


Japan’s mini space elevator goes to space

Researchers in Japan have launched a pair of satellites bound for the International Space Station on Sept. 22, Science News reported Monday. The weekend launch, conducted at the Shizuoka University in Japan, is the first trial conducted in space as part of the Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite (STARS) project. The satellites, called STARS-ME, will […]


SpaceX moon tourist most excited about seeing Earth from afar

  If all goes as planned, Japanese billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa and a SpaceX BFR spaceship full of artists will zip around the moon in 2023. That may be some years off, but Maezawa has already shared what he’s most excited about, and it’s not the moon itself.       Personally, seeing the round […]


A robot might deliver your Postmates orders in the future

  In the future, that burrito you ordered from delivery service Postmates might show up at your door, handed over by a robot.   Postmates is working on a fleet of delivery robots called Serve, the company said in a blog post Thursday.   Serve robots would ‘work alongside the existing Postmates fleet to move […]

Hurricane Michael Slams Into Florida

After Hurricane Michael, Florida skies turned purple. Here’s why

  America the Beautiful sings of ‘purple mountain majesties,’ but after deadly Hurricane Michael passed through Florida’s panhandle, it was the skies that turned an eerie purple.   Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the hurricane an ‘absolute monster.’ As of Thursday night, CNET sister site CBS News reported that at least six people died when the Category […]


Why Game of Thrones ruled our schedules, and what will take up that time next

    Interest in HBO’s Game of Thrones seems to be peaking as the series gets set to end for good Sunday night.   The political/fantasy/zombie epic with several buddy and road movies embedded has reached that rare level of pop culture relevance where people who don’t even watch the show are now talking about it. […]


Asteroid set to eat a bullet from a JAXA spacecraft this week

  Let’s fire a bullet at an asteroid. This might sound like a plot point from a sci-fi show, but it’s about to become reality this week when Japan’s space agency JAXA directs its Hayabusa 2 spacecraft to go grab a sample of an asteroid.   Hayabusa 2 arrived at the asteroid Ryugu in mid-2018 […]


Skeletons shine under eerie new imaging techniques

  A lot of scientific papers on animals include specimen photos that are very clinical in nature. You wouldn’t mistake them for works of art. Until now.   New imaging methods developed by researchers at the University of Kansas in Lawrence are turning vertebrate innards into views that will dazzle your eyes.   The first […]


NASA view of Mars looks like a ’70s shag carpet

  There’s one place on Mars where Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever would feel right at home.   The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRise) team posted a Mars terrain image last week and every day since I’ve gone back to look at it, unable to shake the feeling that it looks like a close-up of […]